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Ants are the most abundant pest on the planet, with over 15,000 species found in Australia. At any time of year, ants may be found in any terrestrial area in every state and territory. Thus, it is essential to contact a professional ant control Trungley Hall company to remove them.

You may be exhausted by an ant infestation, but believe it or not, you can defend your house or company and keep them away forever – we guarantee it! Expert Pest Control Trungley Hall is a premier ant control company and offers exceptional ant control services across the Trungley Hall region. We have qualified and trained technicians to remove ants from your property in less time.

Common Ants Species Seen In Trungley Hall

The white-footed house ant, black house ant, bull ant, banded sugar ant, Argentine ant, and meat ant are the six most frequent ants in the Trungley Hall region, out of the 1,300 species known in Australia.

Expert Pest Control is a reputed ant removal Trungley Hall company and eliminates all sorts of ants in Trungley Hall and the surrounding districts.

Other ants found in Trungley Hall are:

  • Coastal Brown Ant
  • Odorous House Ant
  • Pharaoh Ant
  • Singapore Ant

Ant Pest Control Trungley Hall Treatments

  1. A pre-work risk assessment will be conducted over the phone by the office personnel at the time of scheduling. Our ant control Trungley Hall staff would understand the type of premises, particular needs, directions, and risk information, and more.
  2. Our technician will do an additional examination on-site at the time of treatment. We will determine the kind and amount of the infestation, as well as any potential concerns. As ant pest control Trungley Hall treatment must be location-specific, you should tell the technician where you are observing ants and, if possible, the exact position of the nest.
  3. Elimination of food and water supplies, gaps and cracks, trapping, sanitation, hygiene, and chemical preparations are all aspects of Integrated Pest Management that will be studied. In most cases, injecting pesticide dust into the wall cavity or nest location is the most effective therapy. In addition to the pesticide, our ant removal Trungley Hall technicians may employ ant gel or granule baiting items if necessary.
  4. At Expert Pest Control Trungley Hall, we employ lockable ant cafés if the treatment area is accessible to small children or pets. These can also be employed in accessible business buildings or places.

Signs of Ant Infestation

Once inside your house or company, ants will often establish their nests in wet regions such as the kitchen or bathroom’s wall, roof, or floor voids. If you suspect you have an ant problem, keep an eye out for the following indicators of an infestation:

1. A large number of ants

You may have an infestation if you observe more than a few ants here and there. The presence of a large number of ants in a certain area (such as the kitchen) generally indicates the presence of a nest nearby. Following the trail of ants to the source is a good way to find a nest.

2. Nest

Ant nests can resemble a little pile of soil or sand on the ground, with a few ants scurrying about on top. Ant nests are usually discovered in inconspicuous areas inside, such as wall or floor cavities.

3. Ant Trails

When ants find a food source, they will leave a pheromone trail between the food and the colony. You will notice a tidy trail of ants running in single file at this point.

4. No food is completely safe

If you have never had a pest problem before, you might be used to putting food out on the counter, in unsealed containers, or unopened packaging in the pantry. If you have an ant infestation in your house, you will find that they get into everything they can, even your dog’s food.

5. Damage to the Pavement

In the construction of their nests, certain ant species will take tiny quantities of dirt from concrete or brick pavement. While the effect may appear insignificant at first, it can cause the pavement to fracture or collapse over time.

6. Plant Detriment

Ants can build their nest near the foot of tiny trees or bushes in the garden, which can eventually grow large enough to uproot the plant. Furthermore, ants take planted seeds, preventing germination and resulting in a barren-looking garden.

If you notice any of these signs, immediately contact an expert for ant removal Trungley Hall service. Call on 0480090836 to book an appointment.

How to Keep Ants Out of Your House

1. Useful Hints and Techniques

Here are a few pointers suggested by professional ant pest control Trungley Hall company to help you reclaim your house and get rid of ants forever.

2. Clear the area

You may prevent pest infestation by simply cleaning the surfaces in your home at regular intervals and eliminating any organic materials that could potentially be food. It involves immediately washing and drying dishes, avoiding leaving food out, wiping countertops, mopping floors, cleaning the range hood, and cleaning pet food bowls daily. Food should be kept in firmly sealed containers in your pantry. Remove the trash regularly and rinse all bottles and cans before recycling.

3. Make sure your home is secure

Professional ant pest control services providers suggest sealing gaps and crevices around windows, floorboards, skirting boards, electrical outlets, and pipes using caulk. Replace damaged window and door screens to eliminate further entrance possibilities. Wood surfaces can also be sealed by varnishing them.

4. Keep plants away from the house’s perimeter

Ants prefer to live amid vegetation, so many will build their home in your garden, and if your house is surrounded by trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, or moist heaps of grass clippings and leaves, they will have easy access to the interior through gaps and crevices.

Why Choose Us for Ant Pest Control Services?

Here are a few reasons why we are the best ant control Trungley Hall company

  • Certified professional
  • Government-approved and eco-friendly chemical
  • Hassle-free pest control service
  • Latest tools and products
  • Affordable ant removal service
  • 100% customer satisfaction


1. Are ants capable of biting humans?

Answer: They certainly can and do. Ant bites can produce pain, redness, and swelling, but they usually do not have any further consequences unless the person who was bitten has an allergy. The bull ant lives outside and is one of the most hostile ants toward people.

2. Is it true that ants bring diseases?

Answer: Yes, it is conceivable. Ants, like any other animal that travels from one location to another, can spread illness. Some ants graze on animal waste, and if these ants contaminate your meal, you might develop infections like salmonella or staphylococcus.

3. How can I know if I have an ant problem?

Answer: In general, the ants you see are merely a fraction of the total number of ants hidden in your home. Ants will make their nests outside or within concealed, dark holes such as wall cavities, roof cavities, or under floors. You should inspect your house or company for indicators of an infestation at a regular interval.

4. Is there a warranty on ant pest control service?

Answer: Yes, the exact locations treated within your home or company are covered by a three-month warranty from Expert Pest Control Trungley Hall. Contact us to know more about our pest control services.

5. What more can I do to keep ants out of my house besides pest control?

Answer: There are several things you may do on your own to prevent an ant infestation in your house. Simple behaviours such as cleaning surfaces and eliminating trash are examples of these. Call on 0480090836 for additional information.

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