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Expert Silverfish Control in Canberra

Silverfish are tiny silvery insects, generally found in dark quiet environments across Australia. Such insects are most active at night. They mostly reside in places of moisture like your basements, storerooms, wall cavities, and within most of the vacant areas surrounding your house. If you try to find them in your home, they can cause damage. It is always best to contact Expert Pest Control Canberra, which specializes in silverfish control in Canberra to assist with eliminating the problem.

Why choose us?

Expert Pest Control Canberra is a well-known pest control company, which provides thorough pest inspections and eco-friendly silverfish control Canberra services on the same day and is safe to use around you and your family. We conduct services only by certified technicians who provide a pest-free guarantee post the service.

We make a difference in our service standards with our commitment and focus on advanced technologies and techniques. We ensure to greatly meet your requirements with the following attributes:

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Methods for Silverfish Control in Canberra:

Silverfish control in Canberra can be done by several methods. Below are some of the methods that can help you from generating silverfish or stay away from silverfish in Canberra, Australia:

No Dampness in the Homes:

Silverfish flourish in humid areas. Therefore, if you could avoid moistness from entering your home, then the infestation of silverfish can be averted to a greater extent.

Look at these few steps, which you can adopt to make sure that there is slighter moisture at your place:

Maintain a proper freshening in closed rooms

Prevent leakage if there is any in your place

Avoid accumulation of water anywhere

If possible, make use of a humidifier

Use vacuum pumps to clean the crevices and cracks

Utilize vacuums to physically eliminate insects from their harborages

 Careful Storage of Food:

Pests like silverfish usually feed on starch. Therefore, food must be stored carefully in airtight containers for silverfish control in Canberra.

Eliminate Harborage Places:

Apply sealant on cabinets, moldings, windows, with caulk to make these areas less convivial for these silverfish pests to roam here and there.

Avoid keeping moist things:

Dry the things in the sun in an open space to remove the moisture. This will help prevent the development of moulds that attracts silverfish.

Pesticide-free Treatment:

Borate-based and diatomaceous earth products are very effective in controlling and removing silverfish.

Why Hire Expert’s Silverfish Controllers in Canberra:

If you do not wish to take a risk and can’t do it yourself, the last resort here is to take the help of experts who would help you in Silverfish Control in Canberra. We provide 24×7 same-day service even on weekends. We house licensed and certified experts who can help you get effective Silverfish Control Canberra services. Moreover, we use only eco-friendly methods and technology. Call us at 0480090836 to book our services or ask for a FREE quote.

How to identify if there’s Silverfish Infestation?

Silverfish pests appear at night-time and their identification is quite hard. But, here are a few identifications that can help you out in silverfish control in Canberra:


If you find holes in the wallpaper, it can be due to silverfish. Thus, the presence of holes can also indicate silverfish infestation.

Tiny Feces and Cast Skin:

Silverfish’s cast skin and feces appear to be like pepper. Hence, if you notice such types of pests at your home, the probabilities are high that your building is infested by silverfish.

Moisture Locks:

Silverfish are mostly attracted to moisture and so get trapped in bathtubs, sinks, corners of the bathrooms. As a result, these areas should be checked first for their infestation, if any.

Yellow Stains:

Whatever they dwell on leaves yellow marks. Therefore, if fabrics, books, and wallpapers turn yellow, it may be due to silverfish.

Check Clothes:

They eat linen, cotton, and silk. Therefore, to search for an infestation, check your cloth lofts and closets.

Cardboard Boxes:

Other favorite places of silverfish are magazines, cardboard boxes, and bookbinding. You also need to look at these places to ensure if there’s any silverfish infestation.

Inspect for Places that have Glue

Besides, silverfish also love to eat glue and gum. Have a look at the furniture, frames, and other areas where glue might have been used.

Ceilings and walls:

Silverfish are capable of climbing walls and ceilings and can live for a long time. Like for around eight years making your home their permanent one.


1. Can silverfish harm me if there’s an infestation at my place?

Silverfish do not harm humans directly. However, they can be a cause of allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Or in certain cases can cause illness because of the consumption of infected food items.

2. How can silverfish damage your property?

Silverfish can chew on your wallpapers, food items, photo albums, cotton cloths, cereal boxes, and silk cloths to ruining your carpet! Also, they can cause a lot of damage to your property and clothing.

3. How to identify an insect infestation?

Look for any droppings, nibbled paper items, skin, or cloth and live specimens. If you notice any one of these, there surely is an infestation.

4. How do I protect my property from silverfish?

You can protect your property for many reasons like storing food items in sealed containers, vacuuming often, eliminating any excess storage of paper, baits and conducting treatment, and using dehumidifiers are all ways to keep your property premise clear from these insects. But most importantly, hiring a professional Silverfish Control Canberra service is the most effective way to prevent future infestation.

5. Where can I look for silverfish on my property?

Mainly, silverfish can enter our house from the grass or soil present in our garden or home’s fringes, or office lawns. Hire professional silverfish control Canberra, to scrutinize your property and neighboring and seal the entry points of silverfish in your property.

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