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The presence of bed bugs in your living space may hinder your sleep. These tiny pests stay hidden in the bed crack, crevices, and folds of the mattress. They are nocturnal and come out searching for food only at night. They might bite you on the arms, back, shoulder, or other places that are exposed. Their bites may cause severe discomfort or allergic reactions among the inhabitants. Thus, it is essential to remove them for a person’s wellbeing. Bed bugs suck the blood while you sleep and can cause redness, swelling, and itching around the bitten spot.

Being petite in size, they aggravate rapidly without even getting noticed. Bed bugs are not easy to notice as compared to other insects. It is why one should look for signs such as bloodstains on the sheet, lack of peaceful sleep, red bumps on the skin, itchiness, swelling, etc., to understand the existence of infestation in the house. Hire Expert Pest Control Canberra to effectively remove bed bugs from your living space.

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With any type of infestation, it is essential to recognise them as early as possible. If you notice any symptoms of bed bugs such as itchiness or blood stains or sight bed bugs or get obvious bed bug bites, do not ignore them. You can stop the infestation and prevent it from getting severe. Clean your mattresses regularly and remove stains at the earliest. Untidy and unclean mattresses are more vulnerable to bed bug infestation. Always keep the bedroom clean and cultivate the habit of daily cleaning.

If you notice bed bug infestation at your home, call the expert pest control professionals to initiate the bed bug control treatment. Experts know the best pest control techniques and offer comprehensive pest control solutions to the problems, including bed bug infestation.\

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Consequences of Bed Bug Infestation

These petite-sized pests are not likely to cause severe infectious disease but can bother your peaceful sleep by irritating you. Here is the list of the most possible problems associated with bed bug infestation:

The primary problem with bed bugs is the lack of good sleep or a decrease in sleep quality.

Few are allergic to bed bug bites and may go under anaphylactic shock, depending on the sensitivity. Further, it can even turn fatal.

Bed bug bites induce scratching to spread the infection. In the case of a hotel or inns, you are at a high risk of getting infected by someone else’s blood that the bed bug has bitten before you.

Being sleep-deprived can be taxing and may lead to a stressful and depressing life. It may even affect a person’s immune system, making him prone to other health issues.

Bed bugs hide under the bed sheet, mattress folds, crack, and within the tiny holes or crevices of the bed. When it gets dark, they come out to feed on you. Bed bugs breed in the carpet edges, curtain folds, wall hangings, electrical fixtures, couches, cushions, and wardrobes.

They tend to remain well concealed, making it challenging to eliminate and control the infestation. To effectively handle the situation, it is essential to detect the bed bug infestation signs soon.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

The first sign of bed bug infestation is getting skin welts and bite marks that cause itching.

If you notice several bite marks all over the body, do not ignore them. Call us Expert Pest Control Canberra immediately for free bed bug inspection.

Notice blood stains on bed sheets, mattresses, and sometimes even on the walls.

Bed bugs swell up after feasting on your blood. If they get crushed or pinched, they leave blood stains on the sheets.

Their eggs are tiny concealed in eggshells and have light-yellow nymph skin.

Look for adults and nymph-sized bed bugs.

Bed bug waste causes dark spots on the bed and bedsheet.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter Your Property?

Generally, bed bugs enter the house through furniture that you get from one place to another. There is even a chance of getting infected on the seats of a movie theatre you visited or the public transport trip you took to visit places.

It is essential to clean and disinfect all the items you carry once you reach home, especially after a long ride on public transport, a visit to a public place, or returning after a long vacation. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the bed bugs do not invade the place and spread throughout the house.

Ways for Bed Bugs Control Canberra

The best and the most effective way of dealing with bed bugs is to ensure cleanliness throughout the house. Inspect every nook and corner of the house and use disinfectants to clean the sheets.

If the infestation is not severe, use adhesive tapes to kill bugs and larvae. Further, incinerate the taps and bags before disposing of them.

Wash the infested sheet in the water at a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius. Further, the application of heat may even destroy the bed bugs. Ensure that the heat is sudden and not gradual, or else the bed bugs may flee to another location.

You may place the infected fabric in the freezer for 10-12 hours to eliminate bed bugs.

Use cryolite or dry ice to control bed bugs. This is one of the most effective non-chemical treatments.

You can use chemical treatment if the infestation goes out of control.

Hire a professional pest controller such as Expert Pest Control Canberra to effectively remove bed bugs from the house. Our team of technicians thoroughly inspect the infested area and use the most suitable method to eradicate them.


How to remove bed bugs?

The best way to eliminate bed bugs is by hiring a professional pest control service provider. Call us on 0480090836 to book a same-day pest control service.

Where to find bedbugs in the home?

Bed bugs are experts in hiding, but you can find them under the mattress, chairs, curtains, sofas, behind the picture frame, inside the electrical sockets, etc.

Is it challenging to remove bed bugs?

These tiny pests can go unnoticed for a long time and aggravate rapidly. Thus, controlling them becomes a daunting task, and you should hire a professional to get the best results.

Are bed bug bites fatal?

Bed bug bites are non-lethal, but one may require medical assistance to avoid allergies.

Do bed bugs affect humans?

The primary effect of bed bug infestation is lack of sleep. Plus, bed bug bites can cause itching, redness, and inflammation on the skin.

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