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Emergency Possum Removal in Canberra

Normally, possums are found in the forest. Though these pests look good and harmless, they are not, so beware. Possums cause a lot of disturbance in your house once they enter. Expert Pest Control Canberra is the finest possum catcher in Canberra! To define the source of possum entrance, possum removal Canberra experts often inspect your area. Thus, you don’t have to deal with any court action, we use the best method to control or kill them.

Under the Wildlife Act of 1975, specific animals are federally protected. So hire us, we are specialists in healthy possum removal Canberra. All across Canberra, we provide reliable, safe, and same-day possum removal Canberra services. Our technicians can exterminate all kinds of possums from your property.

As soon as you get to know that there are possums on your property, call our professional possum controllers, we are always delighted to serve you. You will receive the best and reliable at Possum Removal Canberra service. Do not wait and schedule the same day or the emergency possum removal service at Expert Pest Control Canberra today!

Why choose us?

Expert Pest Control Canberra has a team of expert possum catchers with us, which do the effective removal of the possum from every type of ground. We are available at every corner of Canberra. With a team of certified and skilled experts, we provide our possum removal Canberra in most places like housing complexes, restaurants, schools, industrial places, churches, hospitals, government places, and commercial places. You will obtain quality service at affordable prices.

  • We are always open to serve:
  • 20+ years of experience in removing possum across Australia
  • Your safety is our priority, so while performing the possum control techniques we take appropriate care
  • 24×7 emergency and same-day services are delivered from our end
  • Our professionals use advanced machinery and techniques for possum removal in Canberra
  • We promise 100% customer satisfaction
  • Our specialists have full accreditation from the government
  • Use only biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals
  • We have certified and licensed technicians with us
  • Seal all entry points of possum, as well as locate and remove the dead possum
  • Remove possum trapped in your roof, chimneys,
  • We cover all metro and non-metro places in Canberra

Methods followed by us for Possum Removal in Canberra:

To effectively remove possums from your residential and commercial places, we undergo the following procedure:

  1. Firstly, we inspect the possum affected areas
  2. Then we even look for places like a roof, chimney, etc.
  3. Eliminate possum trapped in your roof
  4. Take out dead possum from the chimney
  5. Close all the entry points of possums
  6. Sanitize areas to remove foul smell of possum
  7. Take away possum from your property
  8. Eco-friendly possums removal

Offer Services to Different Locations:

  1. Government places
  2. Housing complex
  3. Commercial places
  4. Hospitals
  5. Industrial places
  6. Restaurants
  7. Hospitals
  8. School
  9. Churches

Dead Possum Removal Canberra Services:

The creep creatures, possums are one of the endangered animals. However, by law, you are not allowed to kill them even if they are creating a disturbance to your land. You need to remove them safely. But they often die because of their own activities, including chasing a dog or cat, eating rabbit baits, or jumping here and there, being stuck in the roof or some part of the building. At times, the carcass of possums can be witnessed behind the wall. In such situations, it gets dreadful to find the possums’ rotting bodies.

Have you seen a dead raccoon in or around your house? Or are you getting a foul rotten smell for around 2 months? Seen an aggregation of flies over the carcass? Then beware, these signals state that there’s a dead possum in or nearby your home, in such case, call us immediately to avail of our possum removal Canberra services.

Our experts work 24×7 hours a day. With complete protection and safety, we will remove dead possums. Also, our team performs the best technique to eradicate possums from your place. We sanitize the position after the completion of the removal service so that no foul smell remains there.

Financial Responsibility of Pest Control

All our pest control services are available at such affordable rates, that it is never a financial burden for any party. Mostly, landlords should avail pest control services as they are the ultimate owner of the property. Also, landlords should include their terms and condition in the rent agreement for avoiding last-minute conflicts with the tenant.

A responsible landlord doesn’t waste time waiting for annual pest control services. If the property is infested with pests, owners should not delay and avail professional pest control services. Tenants can also avail themselves of the pest control services on the behalf of the landlord and get compensated later. Such measures can be taken when landlords carry after and before pictures of the property.

Best Pest Control Services for Landlord and Tenants

Australian law requires landlords to offer the home for lease in a clean and safe condition. Similarly, all the tenants are required to vacate the property in the same condition.

Presenting a pest-free environment to the tenants is quite sensible law. When tenants have pets at home availing pest control services becomes a compulsion by law. Availing possum removal Canberra helps in getting the bond back without any hassle.

Moving to places that already have pests living inside is neither ideal nor hygienic. Such properties can cause disputes, and avoiding situations like these is best. Just give us a call at 0480090836 and get your property pest-free at affordable prices.


1. Will you help me remove a dead possum from my roof?

Yes, of course, our technicians will help you remove the dead possum from the roof. Call us at 0480090836 and our representative will send a professional team to your doorstep. They will first inspect the area and remove the dead possum and then will sanitize your roof properly.

2. What damage can a possum cause to a home?

A possum, if urinates can cause yellow stains on the walls and ceilings. The stain areas make your home look dull, shabby, and stinky.

3. Can I kill the possum?

No, you can’t kill the possum as it is illegal under the Wildlife Act of 1975. You can only remove the possum but killing it is banned. Therefore, we suggest you call professionals who can help with safe possum removal in Canberra.

4. What things possum does not like?

There are few things which possum does not like:

They do not like the smell of stinky plants such as geraniums, chrysanthemums, margaritas, and mint trees.

They hate any sort of illumination, such as porch lights, spotlights, or party reflectors.

They dislike trappers because trappers strip possums from their territories.

5. I doubt there’s a possum in my garden. How do I recognize?

You can recognize possum in your garden by a sign like:

Plants and outside furniture bit from some side

Chewing marks on a plant matt

Marks of paws or tail

Bad odour

Screeching sound at night

Consumes food and vegetation

Droppings of food residues

6. How much do you charge to remove a possum?

Well! The answer to this question depends on the severity of possum infestation, and the techniques that would be required to control and remove possums from your property. A considerable part of the time gets utilized while scrutinizing the entire area to find the infested places. Call us today and book our effective possum removal in Canberra.

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