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No one likes to open a closet and find torn and damaged clothes by moth. Moths may seem perfectly harmless but can cause severe damage to belongings. They love to stay in dark interiors such as cabinets, closets, pantries, etc., where they can multiply and grow without disturbance. Moth infestation can cause severe damage to several textile and food grain businesses, including flour mills. They can spoil the stored food such as sugar, flour, bread, eggs, milk, butter, milk, and other household items.

Expert Pest Control Canberra is here to save you and your business from moth infestation. We are the leading pest controllers in Canberra and offer comprehensive pest control solutions.

Dangers Associated with It Moth Infestation

Always keep an eye for the harmful moths at the office and home, if accidentally you consume moth contaminated food, you may fall ill.

One of the biggest issues with moth infestation is that it gets detected late, and by then, it would have destroyed your favourite clothes, carpets, and blankets.

Moths can multiply quickly and cause severe damage in a short time, leaving no room untouched.

It is difficult to identify them as they come in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

The hair from the moth’s caterpillar stage can cause asthma attacks in humans.

There are thousands of various moth species, and our offices and home are infested only by a small number. Moths generally fly and enter the house, or they may be brought in by the garments. These damage-causing pests do their job well of hiding, and you come to know about them only when you see your favourite material damaged.

If you notice moths anywhere in the house, call a professional moth control Canberra service provider immediately. The sooner you treat it, the lesser the damage.

Types Of Moths

Identifying moths can be a challenging task. Here is the list of the most common types of moths that infest homes and offices.

Adult moths are responsible for creating unusual holes. They have straw-coloured wings with no specific marks.

Larvae of adult moths cause usual holes in the fabric. You can identify them through their dark-coloured wings.

Adult moths have brown coloured wings with little spots. Their larvae breed on leather and woollen material.

Adult moths with whiteheads and speckled wings spoil food instead of the garments.

Ways to Identify a Moth Infestation

Notice adult moths crawling in the house: If you notice adult moths that fail to fly is an indication of moth infestation.

Small moths near the storeroom or pantry: moths tend to fly and stick around the pantry. If you notice them entering the house, hire a professional moth control company in Canberra.

White caterpillars and cocoons in the dry food item: The dry food items that have been sitting in the pantry for a long time may have white caterpillars and cocoons in them.

The silky tube-like structure holding moth larvae: If you notice such structures inside the wardrobe or pantry, immediately call professional pest controllers.

If you notice moth infestation at your residential or commercial establishment, immediately call Expert Pest Control Canberra to effectively resolve the problem.

Moth Control Canberra Treatment

It is better to prevent moth infestation than treating it later. Further, it is advised to prevent the issue by nipping it in the bud stage. Moths can cause severe damage to the belongings, thus it is advised to call a professional immediately to reduce the damage caused by them.

Look at the cabinets periodically and check if everything is fine. Look for mothballs on ceilings, walls, and floors.

Factories and industrial plants should carry out regular pest inspection to prevent moth infestation and causing serious damage. They should inspect the machines, equipment, and other tools to prevent mothballs.

Pest control granules should be used to keep moths out of the house.

As soon as the moth enters the house, it looks for dark and unused corners to take shelter and lay eggs. The most common areas are the storeroom, closets, cabinets, food storage unit, and other places where we do not check for a long time.

Tips To Prevent Moth Infestation in House and Office

Be vigilant during the summers and keep an eye on the dark corners in the closet, cabinet, and kitchen.

Store blankets, fabric, woollen garments, fur items, and other valuables in sealed bags. Store only cleaned fabrics, as unclean and soiled fabric draws moths.

Use moth control granules in drawers and closets.

Pay more attention to moth larvae instead of adults, as they contaminate food items.

Do not store and keep food products in sealed containers for a long time.

Vacuum clean the cupboard and pantry with a nozzle that can enter tough corners and crevices.

Ensure that the room is well-ventilated and receives sufficient sunlight as moths grow in damp and dark places.

Place nets on windows and doors to reduce flying moths.

Moths are more attracted to dirty, rough, and unclean material. If you have tried all the above-mentioned tips and still cannot remove moths, it is advisable to hire an expert pest control company in Canberra.

If you are looking for a reliable pest control solution, then Expert Pest Control Canberra will be the ideal choice. We are the leading pest controllers in Canberra and are known for our incredible moth removal and control method in homes, offices, and factories.


How soon does moth infestation occur in the house?

Moths have a continuous breeding process, and they can infest the entire house in a short time. Thus, it is advisable to contact professional pest controllers to eradicate them.

Do moths cause harm to human beings?

Small moths contaminate food items, and large moths chew through woollen clothes. Additionally, the hair from the larvae stage may even cause asthma attacks.

What all things do moths infest?

Moths largely infest on woollen clothes, carpets, upholstery, and food items. Call on 0480090836 and save yourself and your family from moth infestation.

Which are the food items moths infest on?

Moths can contaminate grains, cereals, coffee, cocoa powder, milk, eggs, bread, and flour.

How many types of moth species are found in Australia?

There are about twenty-two thousand moth species in Australia.

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