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Bees can cause a nuisance in your home as well as in your office. These tiny pests are commonly seen in spring. They can be seen flying in groups near the hives. Stings from certain bees, such as honey bees, can cause serious allergies and fatal reactions. Bees are, however, also eminent in many ways in our environment. This is why Expert Pest Control in Canberra offers bee control services that help you eliminate nuisances from the bees without damaging or killing them.. Connect to us today to reserve our professional bee control services.

How to prevent your home or office bee infestations?

Bees are not easily handled and eradicated. Even minor failure or error can lead to a hive eruption and the situation can be out of hand. So it’s always wise to avoid their infestation instead of eradicating the bees. Here are a few tips to ensure bee control in Canberra.

First, maintaining cleanliness in your house is the most effective way to prevent infestation with bees. You can follow certain methods such as vacuuming home, purification of the yards, timely changes of dustbins, and disinfectant washing of your dustpans. This will definitely help you to avoid bee infestations.

Second, the adhesive procedure can be used to remove bees and eggs. If the infestation can be controlled, this method is useful. The adhesive bags can be thrown away later.

Third, the infected area can be cleaned and washed with warm water up to 60oC. Heat can also be used to remove bees in infested areas. Make sure the heat is applied suddenly and not progressively. The bees can alarm and move into another area with gradual curing.

It is also an effective treatment for non-chemical bee controls at home and office and you can use peppermint or cryonite.

In the event that all of these methods fail to manage the infestation of bees in your home or office, you must take assistance from the Australian Medical Pesticides Authority (APA)-approved pest control firm (APVMA)

Control of bees in Canberra: Prevention of infestation

In order to control future problems, it is important to manage bees in the office and in the home. Bees Control Canberra mainly keeps the house clean and most successfully

Substitute the tin or wash your tanks by disinfectants, or vacuum your home or surrounding areas every day.

If bees are unbalanced, use chemical control as pest control. It’s a safe and non-chemical bee control treatment. After careful inspection of the infected areas, dust, sprays and chemicals are used.

Wash the area in question with warm water at least 60°C. Bees are also killed when heat is brought into the area in question. The bees migrate to a different place when the temperature is not sudden and incremental.

Use sticky methods to remove bees and eggs if infestation is not bad. Take the sticky bags and remove them.

Bee treatment is difficult because any error is caused by an out-of-control epidemic. So, instead of eradicating bees, focus on preventing them.

How does Canberra Bees Control work?

Canberra uses customised treatment techniques to remove bees and their beehives from your premises and efficiently. Subsequently, we move them to another site.

Our experts also perform beekeeping, which is why they take the precautions needed to avoid a nest in a given place. If necessary, fog treatment is used if the bees react aggressively. For the security of technicians and other inhabitants in this area this is necessary. Most of the night time when bees are less active, our Bees Control Canberra mainly keeps the house clean and most successfully has acquired the reputation and reliability of its customers through its years of experience in bee control and beekeeping. We also have this experience as a perfect choice to deal with such dangerous insects. In addition, we offer consultation on the prevention of bee and insect infestation. Also, you may contact us for advice on the removal from home or office of these dangerous plagues.

Therefore if you find a group of bees in your home or office setting up a hive, give us a call straight away. We inspect the site, assess the infestation severity and take the appropriate steps.

Why hire Expert Pest Control in Canberra?

Expert Pest Control in Canberra has always been the first option for residents with decades of experience in the delivery of bee control services. There are some dangerous pests that we can deal with. There are many other virtues as to why should you choose us.

The trained professional experts perform our trouble-free bee control services in a timely manner.

Only experienced and certified professionals work with Expert Pest Control in Canberra. We ensure that during the bee relocation our technicians are cautious and protect the resident.

At very affordable prices, our bee control services are available in Canberra. Instead of harming bees, we highlight the relocation of bees, which is an important environmental factor.

In case of a recent invasion of bees in your area, several beehives are present. Feel free to contact us for bee control in Canberra. Speak directly with our experts or book our bee removal services. Just give us a call!


1. How can I get rid of infestation with bees?

The best way to avoid troubled beehive is to call for professional support. Bee stings have severe allergic reactions, therefore do not try your own technique. To receive an immediate response, you can call Expert Pest Control in Canberra at 0480090836.

2. What are the signs of a region-wide bee infestation?

Look for signs in your building like cut grass, odours and swarm. They can also be seen in your backyard in the mulch heap. If all these signs are noticeable, call experts to avail bee control services in Canberra as soon as possible

3. How much time do bees live?

The queen is 2-3 years old and the worker bees are barely 5-6 weeks old.

4. Are you in Canberra providing emergency services?

Yes. Expert Pest Control in Canberra provides pest control services on an emergency basis and on the same day. Our team will arrive at your place for emergencies as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us whenever necessary.

5. Where are bees building their homes usually?

Bees normally construct beehives close to a water source. You need water to control the temperature of your body. So, in the damp corners and roofs of your house you may find a beehive

in contacting us anytime you need.

6. Where do bees usually build their home?

Bees usually build beehives near a source of water. They need water for controlling their body temperature. So, you may find a beehive on the damped corners and roofs of your house.

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