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Reliable Borer Control in Canberra

Borers are those pests that destroy the wooden furniture in your home or offices. They attack old wooden furniture like flooring, joists, bearers, roofing, and functional timbers. Borers are known for the destruction of mainly pine flooring and other wooden furniture. These pests can be annoying and may cost a fortune by damaging your valuable furniture. If you are going through the torchers of these tiny pests then you need reliable and professional help.

Expert Pest Control Canberra is a well-known company in Canberra that can make your place pest-free without any complications. We guarantee our services and offer high-quality pest control treatments at very reasonable prices. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in handling any types of emergencies. We have experts to look after your place and remove the pests from structures of any kind. We treat both commercial and residential structures.

So, do not hesitate to ask for help when you are in trouble. Call us and we will take care of your place by eliminating pest infestations. Our pest controllers are the best in the industry of pest control treatments. Connect with our staff, talk to them and book our hassle-free service of borer control in Canberra.

Why Choose Us for Borer Control in Canberra?

Expert Pest Control Canberra is one of the most reliable pest controllers in Canberra. We are known for our integrity, honesty and result-oriented services. All our customers are always happy and content with the results we provide by using the most compelling and effective pest control methods. Here are some other points why you should choose us for preventing borer infestation at your home or office:

We have a hardworking and dedicated staff that works round the clock for emergencies.

You can call us anytime and book our services without any hassle.

We use effective and certified pest control methods.

All the chemicals in our pest control procedure are safe and eco-friendly.

You can avail of a free quotation even on your first call.

We offer same day and emergency border control services too.

So contact our staff immediately and don’t worry. You can use our emergency services in Canberra for same-day Borer control services. To do this, you just need to call us and our team will provide you with further guidance. Hurry up, your wooden furniture needs the elimination of these nasty pests.

Professional Methods of Treating Borer Infestation

Before actually starting to use any pest control strategy, consider some variables. When the damage is a bit old and there is no obvious damage to the insect’s attack, otherwise no care is needed. If the intrusion is severe, consider the following steps of various methods:

Spot Treatment

One of the best in-house pest control strategies for border control is to treat the spot. We monitor the humidity of your timber by ventilation tricks and then use surface covering to keep it dry. This eliminates borers as they want the moisturized place to live on.

Surface Treatment

If there is an infestation in more than one wooden board then we use the method of treating the surface. This enables the pests to enter the wooden furniture.

High Temperature

This is an excellent method for treating small wooden furniture. In this method, you need to wrap the furniture in plastic and keep it frozen. Then remove it and leave it covered.


Expert Pest Control Canberra uses sanitisers that are safe for kids and pets but harmful for borers. We spray the sanitiser on the furniture to kill the insects and make your valuable furniture borer-free.

Use of Repellents

We use pesticides and other disinfectant chemicals to control borer pests.

The above mentioned are the most effective ways to resolve the issue of borer pest infestation. Our experts are professionally skilled and experienced in performing these methods. Do call us anytime and avail of our excellent and reliable services of borer control in Canberra.

Benefits of Borer Control Treatments

By removing the borers from your house or commercial site, you can save money and have peace of mind.

Borers can affect structural timber. In addition, wooden accessories and furniture can be deteriorated by borer attacks. They can also hit hardwood floors and sapwood and infect them.  Many species of stem borers like to feed on bamboo and wood with a strong starchy smell, such as wood, ash, walnut, and mahogany.

is suitable for solid wood products such as door and window frames, panelling, flooring, plywood in new houses. In addition, in addition to destroying urban and rural areas, some species have also infected trees, their lower limbs and vascular bundles. In addition, certain species of borers act as secondary hosts and feed on decaying wood. Forestry and agriculture are invaded by one of their species.

To force-stop these issues, you must avail yourself of our professional borer control services. We provide the best borer control in Canberra.


1. Can you inspect the border infestation at my office?

Yes. You can call us anytime for inspection services.

2. I want to treat my commercial site from borers, why should I book the services?

You can book services for any day. We understand that your commercial site’s work is as important as the treatment. So, you can tell us the timing of your site and we can treat the borers at your convenience. You can also choose public holidays or Sundays for the treatment.

3. Can I get an idea of the cost before booking?

Yes. You can ask for a free quotation over the phone call to get an idea of our reasonable prices.

4. Will you provide the tips to prevent infestation again after services?

Yes. Our expert pest controllers will guide you to keep your place and furniture secure to avoid pest infestation.

5.Can borers damage the flooring?

Yes. If you have wooden flooring then it can be damaged by borers. You can call us for the same day or emergency borer control services in such situations.

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