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Does your wooden furniture have too many tiny holes? Are you looking for reliable borer pest control services in Maldon? Borer infestation can have far-reaching damage on your property then you can imagine. Contact Expert Pest Control Maldon at the first sign of infestation.

Borers are pests that consume wooden articles. They feed on furniture, including roofing timber, floors, joists, bearers, and other timber material. Borer dust, exit holes, and grass in your abode or business are sure evidence that your wood has been invaded by borers. Borers typically cause significant damage to pine wood floors and furnishings. They arise from the small larvae and munch their way through the tunnel, causing furniture to deteriorate and fall.

Borer Species Discovered In Maldon

There are various borer species in Australia, each with unique traits that inflict varying degrees of damage to wood furniture and furnishings. The following borers may attack your furniture in Maldon:

1. Australian Wood Borer

The borer affects both softwood and hardwood as long as the wood is damp, rotten, or contaminated with fungus. They leave big 3-inch holes in the wood, causing the wood to rot.

2. Anobium Borer

Anobium borers are commonly seen in Baltic pine furniture; however, they do not affect hardwoods. These softwood borers bore little nail holes in the timber.

3. Wood Weevil

Wood weevils, like Australian wood borers, target both softwood and hardwood goods. However, they can attack wood that has been infected with a wood-rotting fungus. The borer makes spasmodically spaced holes in generally circular patterns, and it may even target nearby healthy wood products that are not impacted by fungal disease or dampness.

4. Lyctus Borer

The borer infects the borders of the wood, architraves, and skirtings, leaving pin-sized holes. It normally does not harm pine timber products or hardwood.

Signs That You Need Professional Borer Pest Control Services

If you are not sure whether your wood problems are caused by borers or not? The following symptoms can help you decide:

  • The occurrence of tiny round-shaped or oval holes in your furniture and wood goods.
  • Borer dust or frass may also be seen on the floor right underneath the timber goods.
  • Timber boards and flooring that are collapsing or are weak and damaged.
  • Tunnels in the wood caused by wood borer larvae
  • Wood borer larvae, eggs, and dead borers on the floor beneath wooden objects.
  • Borer larvae may also be heard scratching the wood, especially during the active season.

If you see any of these signs of wood borer infestation, contact Expert Pest Control Maldon right once to save your furniture and timber items.

Our Borer Control Maldon Procedure:

Expert Pest Control offers comprehensive borer pest control in Maldon. Nonetheless, if you want to get rid of wood borers in your home or business, our skilled team will help you by delivering the finest wood borer treatment. If the infestation is severe, please contact us, and we will carry out the following procedures:

Inspection – After you book borer pest control services, our skilled pest controllers will promptly act and check your premises. During the examination, they will identify the borer species causing damage to your wood goods, the causes for the infestation, the amount of the damage, and many other details. Furthermore, we will keep you updated and advise you of the measures required to return your house or workplace to its original condition.

Treatment Plan – Following a comprehensive investigation to discover the root cause of the problem, our team of professionals will develop and prescribe a treatment plan to assist you to safeguard your furniture and timber and avoid future insect assaults. Our remedies are determined by the kind of borer and the amount of damage to your property. The treatment plan varies depending on the scenario.

Borer Annihilation – We will complete the treatment at your site and assist you in eradicating the borer using appropriate procedures and eco-friendly products. We typically utilise three treatments at Expert Pest Control Maldon: fumigation, water-based therapy, and endotherm heat treatment. Further, we even mix multiple techniques to give our customers the best-guaranteed outcomes.

Why Choose Us for Borer Control Maldon Service?

Expert Pest Control has become a well-known brand among Maldon residents and business owners. We offer a comprehensive solution that assists you in addressing existing difficulties through both treatment and preventative strategies. We adhere to service standards such as:

  • Technicians that are certified, licenced, and have extensive expertise
  • Services for pest management that are safe and environmentally friendly
  • Same-day and next-day service is available
  • Prices are reasonable and all-inclusive
  • Assurance of complete satisfaction
  • Customer-friendly and hassle-free service


1. Can borers cause harm to the flooring?

Answer: Yes. Borers can cause harm to timber flooring. If you notice borer infestation, you can contact us for same-day borer pest control services.

2. Will borer treatment at a business location disrupt the workflow?

Answer: At Expert Pest Control Maldon, we offer flexible timings to your client. You may schedule the service on any day of the week. We understand that the work on your business site is just as vital as the treatment. So, you may give us the date of your location, and we will treat the borers when it is convenient for you. You may also schedule the treatment on weekends or holidays.

3. Can I identify a borer infestation in my home?

  • Tiny oval or round-shaped holes in your furniture
  • Borer dust on the floor right underneath the timber goods
  • Noticeable damage to the timber boards and flooring
  • Tunnels in the wood caused by wood borer larvae
  • Wood borer larvae, eggs, and dead borers on the floor beneath wooden objects
  • Scratching sound from the wooden furniture

Answer: As soon as you see these indicators, call our experts to assist you with borer management in Maldon.

4. Do you offer an estimate of the cost before I make a reservation?

Answer: Yes. At Expert Pest Control, we offer a free on-call quote. Call on 0480090836 to get a free estimate for the service.

5. Do borer control Maldon technicians offer advice on how to avoid reinfestation after the services are completed?

Answer: Yes. Our expert pest controllers will offer preventive tips to keep your place and furniture secure and avoid pest infestation. Call on 0480090836 to book an appointment.

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