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Termites are also known as white ants and come from the cockroach family. These pests feed on wood, leaves, soil, and so on. Termites have medicinal benefits but can harm humans in several ways. Pests like termites feed on wooden items and can damage your expensive furniture in a matter of time. Detecting and terminating termites is difficult as they remain hidden inside.

Expert Pest Control Canberra is the most trusted pest control company in the town. With our experienced team, we aim to provide 100% guaranteed results of pest control. Our process of termite control Canberra is eco-friendly and safe for pets and kids.

Signs for Identifying Termite Infestation

There are numerous signs given by termites for their presence and it can be understood by different signs.

Head banging: You may hear some clicking sound coming from the furniture that is a sign of termite infestation. While the termites remain busy eating away your woods, they release munching sound, or when disturbed banging sound can be heard as well.

Hollow Timber: The wood or timber that has been affected by termites sounds hollow when knocked and also appears flakey. The termites have eaten away the wood from inside.

Tunnels: Termites form tunnel-like structures in the woods made from muds or droppings. These tunnels act as a pathway for traveling while being hidden for the termites.

Termites Types Found in Australia

Subterranean Termite: Known for their destructive nature, subterranean termites feed on wood that is still connected from the roots.

Drywood Termite: Usually dry wood termites live in small colonies and are spotted inside furniture. These termites can consume hardwood and softwood timbers.

Flying Termites: Also known as swarmers, these termites fly away when there is a lack of food. They lose their wings upon finding their mates.

Dampwood Termite: These termites are found in high moisture content areas especially around decaying timber.

Formosan Termites: Formosan is another destructive termites variant that lives in mud and eats wooden components.

Expert Pest Control Canberra’s Termite Inspection

Whether you are planning on buying a new property or doubtful of termite infestation in your house, rely on Expert Pest Control Canberra for professional services and inspection. Our team of experts detects termite infestations and eliminates them from your property.

Standard Termite Inspection

Using our modern termite detection devices, we proceed with the inspection of the property while following Australian standards. We provide a detailed report to the users after thoroughly inspecting the property and attaching photographs as supporting evidence. On average the professionals of Expert Pest Control Canberra take 2-3 hours for a standard termite inspection.

Pre-purchase Inspection for Termites

Buying a new property or timbers is a huge investment decision. And, that is why timber inspection for termites is one necessary service Expert Pest Control Canberra provides. Our certified and trained professionals inspect the condition of every corner of the property and check for damaged timbers.

Risks of Termite Infestations

Damages caused by termites are severe than fire and storms. And, that makes availing of termite control Canberra a must-do.

Termites cause great loss of money by feeding on wooden items like furniture, walls, and whatnot. These items get severely damaged and need to be replaced.

In most cases, the damage caused by termite infestation is not covered by insurance.

Termites create an unhygienic environment and spread diseases. Hence, availing of professional services from Expert Pest Control Canberra is necessary for eradicating termite infestation.

As termites feed on trees, the bark becomes hollow and falls suddenly, causing damage to the farmer’s crops and affecting nearby areas.

Treatment Methods for Termite

Monitoring System for Termite:

The team of Expert Pest Control Canberra installs a termite monitoring system at properties that witnessed termite infestation or for a future invasion. The risk of termite attack is reduced by servicing the monitoring system every 2-3 months.

Termite Dusting

We use chemical dust that effectively eliminates termite colonies. It is the best method when termites are visible and a large number can be covered in chemical dust.

Soil Treatment with Chemical

Here, chemicals are mixed with the soil for preventing termite growth and infestation. The whole perimeter of the house is treated with the chemical.

Baits for Termites

When termite infestation occurs indoors, using baits is highly recommended. It is a modern, safe and effective method of termite removal.

Methods for Termite Protection

Check your gardens and backyards: Termites can dig up holes in the trees. And if, the holes are visible feel free in calling Expert Pest Control Canberra for professional termite protection services.

Check for wooden items: damaged timbers often have termites in them. If just a slight poking or punch can make a hole in the timber item consider it a sign of termite infestation and get rid of the items.

Get termite control Canberra: For preventing your house from termites availing termite control services at least once a year is necessary.

Call Termite Experts Expert Pest Control Canberra!

When termite infestation turns into an outbreak rely on Expert Pest Control Canberra. We provide complete pest solutions all across Canberra. Our services are pocket-friendly and yield desirable results. For more information give us a call on +61480090836 and receive a free quotation!

Frequently Asked Questions at Expert Pest Control Canberra

1. How affordable is termite control Canberra?

Eliminating termites is a laborious task, but with Expert Pest Control Canberra at your service, we can get the job done for you at pocket-friendly rates.

2. Is white ant and termite the same?

Yes. Termites are also commonly known as white ants.

3. How intense property damage can termites cause?

Termites are present in hundreds and thousands in number. They can damage a tree in a short period. Every year over 5 billion worth of properties gets damaged from termites. Hence, ignoring termite infestation isn’t a great idea.

4. What do termites eat?

Termites feed on wood and soil. So, when your house has plenty of wooden items, it is likely to be infested by termites sooner or later. Therefore availing termite control Canberra is important.

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